Nodd is a lightweight tool for Honest Team Feedback from coworkers, staff and people at work that you care about.
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How It Works

Meet Charlie: . Charlie's always trying to improve himself and the team. Charlie knows that true insight requires many points of view. So Charlie uses Nodd to find out what the team really thinks.

  • 1. Create a Loop

    Charlie creates a "loop": he chooses the type of Feedback he wants, how often he wants it, and who he wants to hear from.

  • 2. Nodd gathers Feedback

    Then Nodd asks Charlie's team for feedback based on the loop's frequency & topic. The prompts are quick so the team is happy to help.

  • 3. See how they really feel

    Finally, Nodd aggregates the team feedback, showing Charlie where things stand (quantitatively) and how they can improve (qualitatively).

What People Say:

"I love the certainty of knowing that my team can give me unbiased feedback. It's like the ultimate safety net in terms of mental clarity. I think they're comfortable with me overall. My 1:1s are really productive. I try to have really honest relationships. And this platform has enabled me to double-check that I'm not fooling myself and that my team isn't pulling punches." - James Franz, Director of Client Services at Chartbeat

"Normally I just randomly click 4s and 5s on surveys. But this got me to actually slow down and think about it." - Reviewer

"I loved the emojis and the survey format was awesome. I was engaged the whole time. Excellent platform.” - Research Participant

“It's like the Slack of 1:1s.” - Reviewer

With Nodd,
it's Safe to Be Honest.

Getting honest, critical feedback is hard. Candor can break down for even the most enlightened teams. So Nodd is designed for one thing above all others: create a psych­ologically safe environment where people can honestly, candidly, frankly share what they’re really thinking. So Nodd Feedback is:

  • Anonymous.

    Fears of alienation, awkward­ness, career suicide, and many other factors make people very reluctant to criticize. To make frank feedback safe, Nodd keeps reviewers’ identities 100% con­fidential and responses are only ever shown in aggregate.

  • Continuous.

    People only remember the good times when writing a colleague's annual review. But when feed­back is a continuous ritual, review­ers can respond candidly, knowing that even the most crit­ical feedback will be tempered over time.

  • Private.

    No one wants to be the reason a colleague doesn’t get a raise. When feedback flows through HR or man­age­ment, reviews turn into meaning­less compliment-parties. So feed­back in Nodd is direct and private. It’s only ever visible to the user who requested it.

Nodd is
Reviewer Friendly.

Reviewers won't participate if they feel disengaged, over­whelmed or lose sight of the impact of their feedback. To keep reviewers happy, Nodd prompts are:

  • Quick.

    Nodd prompts are quick and to the point. Most can be answer­ed with a single click, directly in the prompt email.

  • Structured.

    Nodd prompts are structured to help reviewers provide con­structive feed­back without a lot of thinking pain.

  • Fun-ish.

    Nodd prompts are fun. Not “roller coaster” fun, but at least as fun as workplace feedback software can be.

Nodd's "Proven Prompts".

The "Simple Personal Feedback" Prompt

If you have a question, we have a validated, reliable way to ask it. “Proven Prompts” decrease the bias common to homegrown surveys and let you bench­mark results against other teams across Nodd’s network.

Categories Include:
Personal: How can an individual im­prove?   Team & Process: How can the team improve?  Satisfaction: Are people happy with ____? 
 (e.g. “Are employees engaged in their work?”)  Crowd Prediction: How confident are we about ____? 

 (e.g. “What's the probability that we hit our Q2 Revenue Goals?”)  Culture: Are we aligned with our stated values?

You can try a few sample prompts here: Simple Personal Feedback, Personal Strengths & Weaknesses, Employee Engagement, How was your day?